Sure remedy for Hyperacidity (Tablets)

Each Tablet contains-
Soontha Choorna-85.714 mg, Suvarna Gairik-171.428 mg,Shankh Bhasma-21.429mg, Kapardik Bhasma-21.429 mg processed with Maka Kwath,Ardrak Swaras.


Amlowin is used as antacid.It is in Tablet form. It is highly effective in relieving symptoms of gastric hyperacidity. Suvarnagairik is silicate of alumina with ferric oxide and has antacid Properties. It reduces nausea and vomiting, restlessness and cheap air jordan 12 heartburn associated with acidity. Sunthi (Gingiber Officinale)dried ginger is well known carminative, antiflatulant and stomachic. Shankh Bhasma and Kapardik bhasmas are organic forms of nike free sale calcium carbonate having antacid action. The combination of


Ingredients in Amlowin restores gastric secretion to normality and removes indigestion. It is safe for long term use cheap air jordan 13 as it avoids alkalosis and acid rebound.


‘Amlowin’ has been widely accepted in treating disorders related to gastric hyperacidity, it is indicated in flatulence, gastritis, reflux cheap nike free oesophagitis, heart burn etc. 'Amlowin' is effective in controlling peptic and duodenal ulcer in early stages. It is also useful in motion sickness, headache due to acidity and it is safe for morning sickness in pregnant woman.


 Dosage & Administration:
1-2 Tablets twice or thrice a day after meals with 'Morawala' or milk sugar. In acute condition 1-2 Tab every 3 hours.(Maximum 8 Tabs in 24 hours)


Pack of 50 Tab, 250 Tab, 500 Tab.